WebRTC video Conference Platform

WebRTC is the new frontier, and is the best and the fast way to have a video conference or a real time chat.

The software i have created is based on webrtc, and is fully costumized.

Is possible to have:

  • Video Conference
  • Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Shared Blackboard
  • Collaborative Drawing
  • Screen Sharing

Is a N to N, encrypted and 100% secured, video conference platform, and is password protected for the conferences.

The software auto scale if is installed on EC2 or Azure.

Is multi platform, you can use it on your pc, on your phone, or on your tablet, is the same, you only need to have a browser.

The pro of the software is:

  1. No license / No Obligation
  2. Multi architecture and Multi platform
  3. No installation is required, free to use instantly
  4. Web and Mobile Application
  5. Auto Scaling if installed in the cloud
  6. The only cost is the server
  7. Final Report Exportation

Write me on info@elegantweb.it if you are interested or you want a similar platform, i can build it for you.



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