Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer

Lately, i have achieved the Facebook Certified Ads Product Developer I , Issued by Facebook Blueprint .

The Exam has two parts,  a multiple choice exam and a coding exercise.

The multiple choice part, is compound by 45 questions, and the candidate has 1:30 hours to answer to each question.

Each question, has one answer, two or even three different , correct answers.

The Ads Product Developer consist in using the Facebook Pixel.

The Facebook pixel is a tool that helps you understand a consumer’s activities on your website, and further utilize those activities on Facebook platform to measure the effectiveness of your advertising, optimize your ad delivery, and define your own targeting audience.

The Facebook Pixel , is the best tools for the targeted advertising, in fact with facebook Pixel you can  Optimize your ads for people most likely to convert. When more conversions happen on your website, you can best deliver the ads to people who are more likely to take certain actions; this is called conversion optimization. You’re also able to optimize towards higher value purchases to help you achieve higher Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) through value optimization.

To prepare yourself for the exam, follow the link Facebook Certified ad products developer i courses .


After passing the exam, you will earn a badge , and facebook will send an email with the following text: You’ve earned a badge from Facebook Blueprint .



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