A Programmer Joke

I’ve recently changed my job, and i’ve already managed to finish some projects successfully.
A few days ago I started a new project, and I was very excited.
While I was preparing the server to install my test application, which I later developed and completed,
an idea came to mind to pass the time and make me laugh, and also to involve my new colleagues.
I installed an SMTP server on the new server and started sending test emails to myself, using any possible email address.
I could be anyone, just had to know his email address.
While I kept sending emails with the fake email address, for example “asd@lol.com” or “asd.lol@lol.it“, I got a great idea for a joke.
I sent an email to my colleagues with the email address of our CEO, where in the body of the mail they could read that they had been “fired with immediate effect“.
Without other explanations, a few lines to induce them to despair.
The email address was the authentic one, but my colleagues did not know that emails could be emulated.
And then in a few seconds the general despair started, where my colleagues wondered “Why?” of all this.
Before the case was magnified I came out saying that the author of the mail was me.
And then we all got a big laugh and then went back to work.
The end


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