How can I help you?

If you’re after a new website, we can help. We’ll work together to create a beautiful website that is: 

  • Customer tailored to your specific needs 
  •  Designed to attract & retain your ideals clients. 
  •  Easy to use on the back end.
  • Seo optimized to create a great, seamless user experience, and to
    recommend your website for relevant searches.


WebSite Package

Starting at €1100 

Are you looking for building your online business? Contact us, and we are going to do together.

  • Custom E-Commerce for your activity
  • Social Media Organization
  • Images optimization


E-Commerce Package

Starting at €1400

Web Design


✚ Simple Blog design: €400
✚ One-page website: €600
✚ WordPress set-up + theme installation: €150
✚ Logo Design: €100
✚ Basic SEO: €100
✚ Analytics integration: €100
✚ Images optimization: €150

✚ Shop Locator: €500

✚ Wishlist: €350